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Mouse In The House

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Franklin is taken on an unexpected journey that introduces the little mouse up to an unfamiliar world; the world of humans. After he is inadvertently left behind on Christmas Eve, he makes the best of it and never gives up hope of returning home. After he accidentally meets a little boy named Kameron, they work out a plan to get Franklin back home. Their story is built on trust, responsibility and empathy for someone in need. In the end they both learn that there are some things worth much more than gifts left under the tree.

"Poor Franklin! He didn't understand why Merrill had to be so mean!"

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Megan McClellan Nickerson, Youth Services Librarian at the Sturgis Library in Barnstable Village writes, "Poor Franklin suddenly finds himself far from the home he has always known. He is a resourceful and curious mouse who soon discovers that difficult changes can often reveal unexpected opportunities, like the chance to make a very special new friend. Franklin’s optimistic spirit will inspire children who are dealing with change in their own lives. A hopeful attitude and the support of a great friend will take you far in life!"