Let me introduce myself.

I live at the North Pole with Santa and his elves and I attend the North Pole Mouse School. I like to read and I especially like to play baseball with my friends in the Reindeer Barn. I use to be just like all the other mice living at the North Pole; doing homework, having snowball fights, eating cheese and crackers; but not anymore.  You see, something happened one Christmas Eve and that was the beginning of many great adventures as the North Pole Envoy to the Human World!

As the North Pole Envoy, I get to travel all over and then come back to the North Pole and give a report on what I've learned. It is a very prestigious position! The only other person who has ever left the North Pole was Santa Claus! Imagine that!

 “Mouse in the House” tells the story of how my first adventure began and of the day I met Kameron, my best friend in the whole world! There will be many more books to follow. The next one is all about my return to the North Pole and how I actually became the North Pole Envoy to the Human World!

All of my adventures will be available to buy online as soon as they are printed. And if you don’t like to buy things online,I've included a list of stores that carry my books. Stop by and tell them Franklin sent you!

You might also want to check out the Events page. This page lists all of the venues where my author, Susan Noel, will be. You’ll be able to have your picture taken with a likeness of me (larger than life-size as I'm kind of short) and have your book personally inscribed at the same time!

Oh, did I tell you I also like to do puzzles and crafts? I do! On the Activities page I will share my latest puzzles, coloring pages and fun activities. They are lots of fun. You'll want to come back often and check out the new puzzles and games!

If you want to be kept updated on all the latest "Franklin the Mouse Adventures", visit the Contact page. Your email address and name is all that is needed for you to know when the next adventure is available or of any new upcoming events. I also have my very own facebook page; Franklin the Mouse. I love having lots of friends so if you want to share my page with your friends, that would be awesome!

And I promise, Mouse Scout honor, to never share this information with anyone...ever!